"Scapegoat of Ambivalence" Official Music Video




Artist Info:  

Label: Independent

Genre: Popfolk

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, California

Currently: Asheville, North Carolina

Influences: Cloud Cult, Tegan and Sara, Alt-J, Metric

Sounds like: Daughter, Florence and  the Machine, Lorde

Music Video

In the beginning of 2018, Comet, Come Again began her exploration into the Jungian framework known as Shadow Work. Scapegoat of Ambivalence is a creative expression of her findings. 

The shadow is understood to be the unconscious aspects of the psyche, which have the inability to express their energy in the conscious. Often these energies are denied  due to  cultural and societal beliefs, early childhood development, taboo influences, and personas.

In the societal and political climate that has the collective unconscious pointing fingers, there is a psychological call to bring awareness to our own individual demonizing and projections. 

Scapegoat of Ambivalence explores how fear of the unknown dictates our behavior and attitudes. Until  one can learn the unconscious aspects of their own individual efforts, life that exists beyond what one  perceives as 'right and wrong' will remain undiscovered. 

Personal shadow

After learning about the shadow, Comet, Come Again dived into discovering her own unconscious efforts that contributed her own life perceptions. She found that her relationship to religion had altered how she connected to her body, ultimately turning her away from exploring  sexuality and instead demonizing its existence. This music video portrays some of the animosity felt towards her sexuality through subtle symbols and imagery. 

As Comet, Come Again comes to accept the shadow of her sexuality, a new dawn of wholeness is birthed.

 Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people." - Carl Jung