Comet, Come Again came into existence during the Fall of 2016. The artist sought to share with the universe their chronicle of inner dialogue, in optimism to honor all aspects of their psyche and engage in the collective unconscious. Much of the artist's music relates to the realm of unconsciousness and world of the unseen forces. The birth of their music came from entering the unknown and acknowledging the need to walk on the path where light and dark touch.

"Man’s main task is to give birth to himself."



Comet, Come Again. is influenced by the field of Depth Psychology and psychoanalysts such as Carl Jung, Erich Fromm, Robert A. Johnson, Carol Pearson, among others. 

Within this realm of study, lyrics have been derived from the artist's encounters with the Psyche, Dreamwork, Active Imagination, Shadow Work, the Hero's journey, Alchemy, and Archetypes. 

As the artist travels their path of Individuation, they provide a voice to their Total Personality. The intention of Comet, Come Again is to use lyrics as a means of exploring how an individual operates with two centers; these centers being the Self and Ego. While the Ego bridges the external world to the inner world, the Self operates at the highest level, holding all potential capacity for self actualization. Often, we perceive our reality through one side of our personality, which lends to internal conflict. The Self and this conflict is a predominant theme throughout each track.